Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Hello out there!

Happy Tuesday to all.  I know I have literally been M.I.A. for awhile.  School is in full gear again.. ugh!  To complicate my schedule even more softball started today.  6:45 am practices for 5 weeks.. whoo hoo! Then hopefully I will be on a flight to Florida for the Rebel Spring Games.  It is a huge softball tournament that runs for like 3 months for all divisions of colleges.  You can call it our version of spring training :)  So I am just getting over the first-day-back soreness and I am procrastinating majorly on doing some homework and picking my class schedule for next year.  It drives me nuts about having to plan my future so early when I do not even know if I am going to get past the week! But college doesn't care.. they want my $$ and boy, oh boy.. are they getting it!!

Also, on my plate has been house hunting.  A few friends and I are looking to move off campus into a house for the next year.  Oh how a full kitchen with a stove would be so wonderful! I am so tired of eating what I can make in the microwave.  I crave sweets and thanks to my lovely boyfriend I can now make brownies and cupcakes with my Babycakes maker! Believe it or not people.. it works! And it does a darn-good job too.  I am also excited because I would actually be able to bring all of my crafts with me to school.  It is hard to bring it here because I share a room with 3 other roomies.. I have learned I have got to be considerate about my space.  But I go home on the weekends and I get to craft.. its a nice thing to look forward too after a long week of studying.

This is something I started this week when I was working in the frozen tundra.  Excuse the background of the picture.. I work in a cashier's booth and I didnt want to let the heat escape by finding a different spot to shoot my wreath's photoshoot :)

I followed a tutorial from Under The Table and Dreaming.  What a simple beautiful wreath.  I've found it is a little time consuming.  I decided to use book pages from my book When Panic Attacks by David Burns.  I thought it was kind of symbolic.  My panic attacks have gone away (and please please let them stay away!) so I felt comfortable enough to destroy.. I mean recycle my book for crafts :) I think I am going to make it more antique looking with some brown or put glitter on the ends. Haven't decided.. hopefully you will see a finished product up here soon.   If you haven't gone out and checked Stephanie Lynn's blog .. I highly recommend you do so!

Side note: GLEE IS BACK ON IN ONE WEEK.. WITH A SUPERBOWL EPISODE.  WHOO! im a gleek.. more like obsessed.  Check out my favorite video from my favorite episode .. glee cast- marry you
too cute!

happy crafting!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Thoughtful Heart

Good evening bloggerland!

I am laughing at myself as I type for the fact that I used the word "bloggerland." I've been searching around different blogs, reading and learning. Thought I would give it a shot and there it was!

It is the season of love.. so most of my crafts lately are for Valentine's Day. My mom is looking for more items for her to showcase in her office. Today she called me while at work and told me an elderly woman who lives in the facility wants me to make her the burlap wreath and these little pins I made for my mom's business attire. She always can use a lil spruce-up for those plain business suits.
Well this was my first craft of the day.. and it wasnt the intended craft of the day either.  This started out as a tutorial for something else that went completely wrong so I decided to make it into a flower pin.  Doesn't look half bad either.  This might sound cheap, but I am glad I did not have to waste some burlap & fabric :) I need to find a brad or some sort of jewel for the center.. but for the time being its a button (it's what I had in my stash).
 So I really have become obsessed with burlap.  I just think it is such a different look, but it doesnt look cheap.  I don't know maybe that is just my opinion.  It might smell and kind of be messy, but what creative things you can create! Thanks to Craftaholics Anonymous and her tutorial, I could make these burlap roses.  Go check her out because I know you will find some great crafts, just like I did! Many thanks to her :)

SIDE NOTE: I am babysitting for a friend right now and the kids are already in bed. I cannot believe it! I almost felt guilty putting them to bed LOL But as I post, I am, ironically, watching Valentine's Day the movie for the first time. Hopefully it is good because my goodness there are so many popular actors and actresses!

I just wanted to take the time to mention a very thoughtful heart out there in bloggerland.  Jenni, from Beautiful Nest sent me an actual email after her comment to one of my posts did not work and I just wanted to take the time out to express my many thanks for this.  Something so small but so thoughtful! It truly touched my heart ( I know I am a sap!)  I just wanted to take the time to thank her, in a very small way, by showcasing her linen wreath which I am absolutley obsessed with! I just gave you the link to her tutorial there.  I cannot wait to try it! I have seen many of these wreaths using burlap, but I really like the more loose look and flowy-ness (made up my own word there! :)) of the linen.  Hopefully, I have a successful craft to come! Thank you Jenni!
Well I am off to watch my movie, listen to the sounds of the baby monitor, and study the dreaded ENDOCRINE SYSTEM.  Oh, the joys of school ...


Thursday, January 13, 2011

"Bee Mine"

Hello all!

I am sorry I have not written for a few days, but unfortunately I am back at school living in the dorms where I do not get privacy always because I have 3 other roomies.  I am not really ready to tell them all I have been blogging about my crafts.  But it is good to be back, starting my second semester of my second year.  I am off to a good start as I am trying to get a head start in my classes.  I could possibly be moving into a house for my junior year with 4 or 5 other friends, so things are pretty exciting!  Softball season also starts in 2 weeks.. which means SPRING is on its way people!

Well back to talking about crafting.. sorta.  My mom works at a independent living facility for the elderly and she is the marketing director there.  Its a new job for her, but she truly has found what she was meant to do and that is help people! It is about time!! Her office is in the front of the building and she constantly has meetings and meet and greets with new people that she likes to have her office decorated and she, like myself, always likes to have a wreath on the door.  So I made 2 wreaths this weekend.. one for the door at my house and the other for my moms door to her office. 

I decided when I was walking through Michael's with my 40% off coupon (AWESOME!) that I wanted to make a grapevine wreath.  It ended up being $1 + some change, although I am a little upset it is more oval than circle. But oh well, I got my $$ worth I guess... The design of the wreath is 100% original.  I gave myself a few pats on the back.  It looks pretty good on our door, I must say. 

This is a burlap wreath which I made for my mom's office door.  I guess she has gotten a few compliments on it because one of her coworkers asked me to make her one! I love making crafts for other people! I followed a tutorial to cut the burlap and how to assemble (which was quite easy.. it was just tying them around the wreath) and then, I pulled out some needle and thread and hand-sewed felt hearts and used scrapbook lettering for the XO.  I also used floral pins to embellish and it made everything hold in place. 

If anyone is looking at this blog (besides Jen :) ) Please let me know what you think, I am a young crafter always looking for criticism!

Have a great day, filled with happiness and love!


Friday, January 7, 2011

the search for a metal cookie cutter

Howdy ya'll!
As my title gives it away, another Christmas project I made this past year was a Cookie Cutter Wreath.  Here is a picture of what my finished project turned out to be. 

Please excuse the poor quality of my pictures, my camera is currently out of commission and my camera phone is what I am surviving with.  I am still upset at Energizer.. their batteries leaked acid on my camera which basically killed it.

Anyways, back to my wreath.  Every Thanksgiving we go to Tennessee to visit my dad's family.  Yes, a city girl with a country heart <3 I was reading better home and gardens and saw a metal cookie cutter wreath which was being featured.  I searched Wal-Mart and the Dollar Store, lifelines down there in my Grandpa's town, but there were no METAL COOKIE CUTTERS.  So I settled with the plastic ones from the dollar store.. I think I ended up buying 6 of them so I spent $6 + $1 ribbon.  A whopping $7 for this pretty cool wreath, but maybe im biased since I made it :)

Unfortunately, the wreaths lifespan was cut short.  I hung it on my dorm room door and it fell down and smashed.  Oh well, easily fixable but unnecessary to fix until Christmas 2011.

I am in the process of making a Valentine's Day wreath with burlap.  What a mess!!  Until tomorrow...

Oh and if you are an avid lover of fashion, like myself, and have big dreams for my wedding, also like myself... SAY YES TO THE DRESS SEASON 6 PREMIERE.. 8:00 central time! Can't wait!

-Mia Nicole

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Getting my feet wet..

Well hello there blogging world!

You know when parents warn you to be careful about what you post on the internet because the whole world can see it.. its kind of a crazy reality I am coming to terms with as I am embark on this new journey.  I am a 19 year old blogger.. how many of those are out there? Okay, I am sure there are millions.. but how many want to blog about crafts? Yeah, I don't think as many. Hence why I am not your typical crafter..

 I am a second year college student working on my health science major (pre-med, pre-pharm, pre-dental, etc.).  I do not exactly know what I would like to do with my major, my mind changes everyday.  Today, I am thinking pediatrician or getting into the field of addiction treatment because of personal experience.. one day I will probably share that story, it's a long one folks.  I am also a student-athlete (I play softball---- centerfield.. sayyy what!) :)  Props to all other student athletes out there, especially those at the division I and II level.  It is a hard task to balance both school and a sport, oh and crafting!! Well to give you an idea of why I wanted to start blogging was about the same reason I started crafting, again.  Yes, I know in my 19 years of life I am saying I started to craft AGAIN.  I loved arts and crafts projects when I was younger.  I got that from my mom and my grandma.  As I got older I gave it up for softball as I played competitively for 9 years on the same team.  You can say I am a pretty dedicated person.. hopefully that stays true with this blog ;) I started to craft again at college to relieve all my stress and anxiety.  I started having panic attacks when I was away at school, the first being when I was in class.  To all those who deal with anxiety on a daily basis, you are in my prayers.. people they are AWFUL.  I cannot think of a more scary feeling.. because it actually feels like you are dying.  I guess the only way I can explain it is someone comes up from behind you and startles you and you're heart starts to race and you have to catch your breath.. thats kind of on the right track.  I finally had to see oodles of doctors and get put on meds and turns out the anxiety was due to a past life experience, although it kind of is still present and will always be with me.  SOOO ANYWAYS.. crafting is an outlet for my stress and lets me use my creativity to focus on something other than my tibia, humerus, and ethmoid bone. Got it? :)

Now I just need to figure out how to actually use the site.. I would like to post some pictures of my 2010 Christmas crafts.  If anybody is actually reading this.. feel free to email me if you like my stuff.  I am trying to open a craft booth for next year so I need all the feedback I can get.  I cannot hear my mom say she loves it one more time because she's my mom, she has to love it! :)

Mia -- "Your Not So Typical Crafter"

P.S. I figure it out! :) So I guess I will just do a few a day or something.

Felt Wreath
inspired by a Jo-Ann Fabrics How to Craft.. even though it was lacking some information.  My mom used it for her office door at work and it was a huge hit! It ought to be.. it took forever to make!