Thursday, January 6, 2011

Getting my feet wet..

Well hello there blogging world!

You know when parents warn you to be careful about what you post on the internet because the whole world can see it.. its kind of a crazy reality I am coming to terms with as I am embark on this new journey.  I am a 19 year old blogger.. how many of those are out there? Okay, I am sure there are millions.. but how many want to blog about crafts? Yeah, I don't think as many. Hence why I am not your typical crafter..

 I am a second year college student working on my health science major (pre-med, pre-pharm, pre-dental, etc.).  I do not exactly know what I would like to do with my major, my mind changes everyday.  Today, I am thinking pediatrician or getting into the field of addiction treatment because of personal experience.. one day I will probably share that story, it's a long one folks.  I am also a student-athlete (I play softball---- centerfield.. sayyy what!) :)  Props to all other student athletes out there, especially those at the division I and II level.  It is a hard task to balance both school and a sport, oh and crafting!! Well to give you an idea of why I wanted to start blogging was about the same reason I started crafting, again.  Yes, I know in my 19 years of life I am saying I started to craft AGAIN.  I loved arts and crafts projects when I was younger.  I got that from my mom and my grandma.  As I got older I gave it up for softball as I played competitively for 9 years on the same team.  You can say I am a pretty dedicated person.. hopefully that stays true with this blog ;) I started to craft again at college to relieve all my stress and anxiety.  I started having panic attacks when I was away at school, the first being when I was in class.  To all those who deal with anxiety on a daily basis, you are in my prayers.. people they are AWFUL.  I cannot think of a more scary feeling.. because it actually feels like you are dying.  I guess the only way I can explain it is someone comes up from behind you and startles you and you're heart starts to race and you have to catch your breath.. thats kind of on the right track.  I finally had to see oodles of doctors and get put on meds and turns out the anxiety was due to a past life experience, although it kind of is still present and will always be with me.  SOOO ANYWAYS.. crafting is an outlet for my stress and lets me use my creativity to focus on something other than my tibia, humerus, and ethmoid bone. Got it? :)

Now I just need to figure out how to actually use the site.. I would like to post some pictures of my 2010 Christmas crafts.  If anybody is actually reading this.. feel free to email me if you like my stuff.  I am trying to open a craft booth for next year so I need all the feedback I can get.  I cannot hear my mom say she loves it one more time because she's my mom, she has to love it! :)

Mia -- "Your Not So Typical Crafter"

P.S. I figure it out! :) So I guess I will just do a few a day or something.

Felt Wreath
inspired by a Jo-Ann Fabrics How to Craft.. even though it was lacking some information.  My mom used it for her office door at work and it was a huge hit! It ought to be.. it took forever to make!