Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Spring is in the Air!"

Blogland.. yes according to my cliche title it is spring in Chicago today!  It's so gorgeous out.. I was so excited to wake up for classes for once.  Why do you ask!?  Umm.. SPRING FASHION! I just recently bought some cute keds knock offs shoes..($10 from Forever 21) and I was excited to wear them with my low cropped above the ankle jeans.  I decided to just put on a white v-neck tee and my big faced white leather watch with the lil diamonds around it.  My statement piece of winter coming on over with me to spring :)  Fashion is something I am very lets say.. obsessed with! I am a shopaholic.  I feel like I have been cheating on clothes with crafts though.. I've been checking into Michael's and Jo-Ann's instead of the mall!  It think I will be back in the arms of fashion soon though.. the spring fashion looks are adorable and I cannot wait to splurge!  Winter fashion did not do so much for me this year.. I think I was tired of wearing sweaters and boring colors.  But hello spring and all the wonderful colors you bring..

I have been doing some online shopping and looking for ideas for this year.  Hopefully 16 days from now I will in Florida playing softball with my college team at the Rebel Spring Games in Kissimmee.. Its not like im counting or anything :)  So here are some of the looks that have captivated me.  What do you think?  Do we share some of the same tastes?

1. These are 2 looks from JCREW.. Chambray love!  I really like the color differences in the first look, but I am not sure if I am bold enough to try it.  I have the white pants in the second look so I would just need the shirt to complete the look :)  I go to school near an outlet mall that has JCrew.. so I am hoping if I head over there I can get a deal on the look!

2. Call me what you'd like but I am really digging this double-knot.  It may look messy, but I think that is what draws my attention to it.  The beauty is in its imperfection.  Hopefully my hair is long enough to give this look a shot :)

3. Good old fashion plain tennis shoes.  I think they are my favorite for spring/summer.  I have way too many pairs :)  The striped ones above are the ones that I bought last week and am wearing today. 

I hope you all had a great valentine's day.  My boyfriend of 4 1/2 years and I decided we didnt really want to make a big deal of the Hallmark holiday, but he did surprise me with a dozen beautiful red roses that morning.  He's sweet :)  I also got a little valentine's basket from his mom, a card from my mom, godmother, and grandpa.  The other surprise valentine which was in my mailbox Monday morning was from my Valentine in the Valentine exchange over at Craft Goodies.  Wendy and I ended up being Valentine's and she was a very sweet valentine indeed :)  Here is my pictures of what she sent me..

and this is what I gave to her..

Overall, what a great experience :)  Well, hopefully I get to some crafting this weekend.  I work a crazy schedule.. but I will try. 

Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Feeling Lucky!

Hello long lost friends!

I am making this way too much of a bad habit by not blogging daily but I did not think it would be this difficult to blog while I am away at school.  Although I am not personally blogging everyday I still look at everyones pages and see what beautiful creations they are coming up with :) They never cease to amaze me & it makes me wish I had more time for crafting and less time I have to spend studying.  I've been studying for the past week for a big Anatomy & Physiology test tomorrow on the endocrine & digestive system.  I have been studying all day today and decided to take a break because I'm feeling pretty lucky :)  Lucky .. because I hope I do great on my exam  (300+ questions) & I made a St Patricks Day wreath this week for my mom's boss.  It's her birthday tomorrow and shes 100% Irish.

I had bookmarked the Tatertots and Jello Burlap Wreath after they first posted it because I had hopes of one day creating a look alike.  Not too long after I found a reason to re-create! You can find that wreath on Tatertots and Jello's blog . 

SIDE NOTE: I'm not exactly sure if thats what I am is supposed to do when I try to recreate someones craft.  I'd like to give credit where it is due.. so if I am doing this incorrectly and someone spots it.. pleaase let me know :)

But anyways..  Here is what my final product came out to look like. 

I used scrapbook brads, burlap, 2 different St Patrick's Day fabric, and for my embellishment it was a hanging shamrock with three pieces.  My initial idea was to hang it in the center but I decided to take a chance and break it apart which I am so glad I did.. I like it much better this way. 

I am excited to go home this weekend and make a new spring wreath.  The valentine's day one is goiing to have to come down since Monday is the end of the love!  I cannot wait to show you all what I made for my valentine, Wendy, over at Craft Goodies! She is such a sweetheart and has been nothing but accomdating to me since I ran into a lil problem in my valentine exchange.  Unfortunately someone did not want to be my valentine, but Wendy did!! I hope her package arrives on time & she enjoys some of my amateur crafts.  I was kind of limited in supplies since I am away at school but I tried my best! I'll let you all be the judge later next week. 

Hopefully next week I will write with good news.. that I did well on my test! Happy Valentine's Day to all of you special crafters! I hope your day is filled with love & many blessings.