Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Thoughtful Heart

Good evening bloggerland!

I am laughing at myself as I type for the fact that I used the word "bloggerland." I've been searching around different blogs, reading and learning. Thought I would give it a shot and there it was!

It is the season of love.. so most of my crafts lately are for Valentine's Day. My mom is looking for more items for her to showcase in her office. Today she called me while at work and told me an elderly woman who lives in the facility wants me to make her the burlap wreath and these little pins I made for my mom's business attire. She always can use a lil spruce-up for those plain business suits.
Well this was my first craft of the day.. and it wasnt the intended craft of the day either.  This started out as a tutorial for something else that went completely wrong so I decided to make it into a flower pin.  Doesn't look half bad either.  This might sound cheap, but I am glad I did not have to waste some burlap & fabric :) I need to find a brad or some sort of jewel for the center.. but for the time being its a button (it's what I had in my stash).
 So I really have become obsessed with burlap.  I just think it is such a different look, but it doesnt look cheap.  I don't know maybe that is just my opinion.  It might smell and kind of be messy, but what creative things you can create! Thanks to Craftaholics Anonymous and her tutorial, I could make these burlap roses.  Go check her out because I know you will find some great crafts, just like I did! Many thanks to her :)

SIDE NOTE: I am babysitting for a friend right now and the kids are already in bed. I cannot believe it! I almost felt guilty putting them to bed LOL But as I post, I am, ironically, watching Valentine's Day the movie for the first time. Hopefully it is good because my goodness there are so many popular actors and actresses!

I just wanted to take the time to mention a very thoughtful heart out there in bloggerland.  Jenni, from Beautiful Nest sent me an actual email after her comment to one of my posts did not work and I just wanted to take the time out to express my many thanks for this.  Something so small but so thoughtful! It truly touched my heart ( I know I am a sap!)  I just wanted to take the time to thank her, in a very small way, by showcasing her linen wreath which I am absolutley obsessed with! I just gave you the link to her tutorial there.  I cannot wait to try it! I have seen many of these wreaths using burlap, but I really like the more loose look and flowy-ness (made up my own word there! :)) of the linen.  Hopefully, I have a successful craft to come! Thank you Jenni!
Well I am off to watch my movie, listen to the sounds of the baby monitor, and study the dreaded ENDOCRINE SYSTEM.  Oh, the joys of school ...