Thursday, January 13, 2011

"Bee Mine"

Hello all!

I am sorry I have not written for a few days, but unfortunately I am back at school living in the dorms where I do not get privacy always because I have 3 other roomies.  I am not really ready to tell them all I have been blogging about my crafts.  But it is good to be back, starting my second semester of my second year.  I am off to a good start as I am trying to get a head start in my classes.  I could possibly be moving into a house for my junior year with 4 or 5 other friends, so things are pretty exciting!  Softball season also starts in 2 weeks.. which means SPRING is on its way people!

Well back to talking about crafting.. sorta.  My mom works at a independent living facility for the elderly and she is the marketing director there.  Its a new job for her, but she truly has found what she was meant to do and that is help people! It is about time!! Her office is in the front of the building and she constantly has meetings and meet and greets with new people that she likes to have her office decorated and she, like myself, always likes to have a wreath on the door.  So I made 2 wreaths this weekend.. one for the door at my house and the other for my moms door to her office. 

I decided when I was walking through Michael's with my 40% off coupon (AWESOME!) that I wanted to make a grapevine wreath.  It ended up being $1 + some change, although I am a little upset it is more oval than circle. But oh well, I got my $$ worth I guess... The design of the wreath is 100% original.  I gave myself a few pats on the back.  It looks pretty good on our door, I must say. 

This is a burlap wreath which I made for my mom's office door.  I guess she has gotten a few compliments on it because one of her coworkers asked me to make her one! I love making crafts for other people! I followed a tutorial to cut the burlap and how to assemble (which was quite easy.. it was just tying them around the wreath) and then, I pulled out some needle and thread and hand-sewed felt hearts and used scrapbook lettering for the XO.  I also used floral pins to embellish and it made everything hold in place. 

If anyone is looking at this blog (besides Jen :) ) Please let me know what you think, I am a young crafter always looking for criticism!

Have a great day, filled with happiness and love!