Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Hello out there!

Happy Tuesday to all.  I know I have literally been M.I.A. for awhile.  School is in full gear again.. ugh!  To complicate my schedule even more softball started today.  6:45 am practices for 5 weeks.. whoo hoo! Then hopefully I will be on a flight to Florida for the Rebel Spring Games.  It is a huge softball tournament that runs for like 3 months for all divisions of colleges.  You can call it our version of spring training :)  So I am just getting over the first-day-back soreness and I am procrastinating majorly on doing some homework and picking my class schedule for next year.  It drives me nuts about having to plan my future so early when I do not even know if I am going to get past the week! But college doesn't care.. they want my $$ and boy, oh boy.. are they getting it!!

Also, on my plate has been house hunting.  A few friends and I are looking to move off campus into a house for the next year.  Oh how a full kitchen with a stove would be so wonderful! I am so tired of eating what I can make in the microwave.  I crave sweets and thanks to my lovely boyfriend I can now make brownies and cupcakes with my Babycakes maker! Believe it or not people.. it works! And it does a darn-good job too.  I am also excited because I would actually be able to bring all of my crafts with me to school.  It is hard to bring it here because I share a room with 3 other roomies.. I have learned I have got to be considerate about my space.  But I go home on the weekends and I get to craft.. its a nice thing to look forward too after a long week of studying.

This is something I started this week when I was working in the frozen tundra.  Excuse the background of the picture.. I work in a cashier's booth and I didnt want to let the heat escape by finding a different spot to shoot my wreath's photoshoot :)

I followed a tutorial from Under The Table and Dreaming.  What a simple beautiful wreath.  I've found it is a little time consuming.  I decided to use book pages from my book When Panic Attacks by David Burns.  I thought it was kind of symbolic.  My panic attacks have gone away (and please please let them stay away!) so I felt comfortable enough to destroy.. I mean recycle my book for crafts :) I think I am going to make it more antique looking with some brown or put glitter on the ends. Haven't decided.. hopefully you will see a finished product up here soon.   If you haven't gone out and checked Stephanie Lynn's blog .. I highly recommend you do so!

Side note: GLEE IS BACK ON IN ONE WEEK.. WITH A SUPERBOWL EPISODE.  WHOO! im a gleek.. more like obsessed.  Check out my favorite video from my favorite episode .. glee cast- marry you
too cute!

happy crafting!